Insurance Agents

Independent insurance agents are individuals who sell and administer insurance policies provided by several different carriers, covering everything from health insurance, home and auto policies, commercial insurance, life insurance, motorcycle coverage, and many other areas. As an intermediary, independent insurance brokers do not work for single insurance providers and are able to offer a more robust package to fit individual needs.

Why Should You Consider An Independent Agent?

Because independent agents are not beholden to a single company, they are able to shop and compare policies and prices among many different providers — and are able to pass on the savings to their clients. Additionally, most independent agents run small to mid-sized local businesses, and are an easy, single point of contact when there are questions, claims, or other issues you may encounter when trying to exercise your insurance benefits. Since you will most likely form a close bond with your agent, they are usually better at understanding your needs and providing custom, tailored advice when looking at different types of insurance.

Additional Considerations

Already have an insurance company you love? An independent agent can help you administer your policy on your behalf with your carrier of choice. This means you have a professional in your corner to handle your claims faster, easier, and provide top notch customer service with a single point of communication. If you’ve ever worked with a large insurance carrier, especially for health or auto insurance, you probably know how much of a pain it is to get a hold of someone and actually file a claim. An independent agent helps you avoid this type of headache.

How to Hire an Independent Insurance Agent

Because you will be communicating regularly with your agent, it is important to speak with multiple agencies to find one that fits with you and your needs. In most cases, every independent agency will offer similar services, however, not every agent will be compatible with the way you want your policies administered.

You’ll also need to find someone who is highly reviewed in your local community. When shopping around for an independent agent, consider review sites like Google, Yelp, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. If the agent is questionable in any regard, past customers will detail their experiences and allow you to make a much better decision.

Finding an agent you trust, who can provide service within your timeline, and understands the important aspects of your life should be your top priority.

By Rick Morris

Rick Morris is the sports-related editor for 916 Journal, covering topics for the Sacramento Kings and Sac Republic.

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