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Spring is among us and for some business owners, it means taking a look at their business’s outward appearance. One such business, Back to Health, decided it was time to move forward with a fresh look for 2021.

Website Relaunched

If anyone is familiar with this chiropractor in Sacramento, you’re likely aware of some of their patients including prestigious politicians in Sacramento and players from the Sacramento Kings. Due to their high profile clients, the business wanted a website and online appearance to match. For this reason, they hired a web development firm to create a whole new site and experience.

The website, located at, is built with the popular website content management system WordPress and is packed with features for the chiropractic’s patients. Users will be able to find information about the different types of chiropractic care available, how to reach the chiropractic doctors and their office locations. For patients in Sacramento, you can find Back to Health in El Dorado Hills or Granite Bay. It’s somewhat of a drive from midtown, but it’s well worth it for the care you’ll receive.

Why Is It Important to Refresh Your Business’s Look?

Back to Health knows it’s important to have an aesthetic that stands out from every other chiropractor in the area. This same sentiment rings true for several different types of business. If you have a website, a logo or other information online that has not been refreshed in years, your potential customers could think you’re not in business anymore. Since you definitely don’t want this to happen, it’s important to keep things updated and looking fresh.

It’s also important to note that device sizes change all of the time. Because of this, you need to really hire a web development agency to make sure your website is properly sized for computers, mobile phones, tablets and any other device people could find your business on. This is called responsive design and is highly important for accessibility in the web world.

Looking for a Refreshed Look?

If you are a business owner looking for a brand new website, you’re encouraged to hire the same Los Angeles SEO firm hired by Back to Health. Not only will they create a great looking website for you, they will ensure it is up to Google’s standards and will show up in search results. If you’re the type of business that relies on traffic from Google, you’ll definitely want to hire this group.

Important Pieces of a Great Looking Website

While we already covered responsive design for all devices, you’ll also want to have a website that is lighting fast, easy to read and understand, conveys the business information clearly and converts customers. It’s one thing to drive traffic to a website, it’s another thing to turn that traffic into paying customers.

Get started with a spring refresh for your brand and website today. You’ll be happy you made the move and your competitors will be envious. Good luck!

By Rick Morris

Rick Morris is the sports-related editor for 916 Journal, covering topics for the Sacramento Kings and Sac Republic.

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