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It’s no secret that Modesto and the Central Valley of California have experienced extreme growth as of late. But did you know that most of the growth has come from the tech sector? While San Francisco and the Bay Area in general are know for its tech talent, Modesto is showing a promising change. This change has also led to several new companies being started or experiencing growth in the area.

Let’s look at a few industries benefitting from the recent boost in technology.

Consumer Services

While consumer services itself is a broad topic and covers a variety of businesses, the area is seeing a growth in local companies that have adopted technology and added staff to their companies. From chiropractor offices to law firms and HVAC firms to electricians, business owners are adopting technology at a faster rate than ever before. This adoption of technology has led to more hiring in these organizations and has created an economic impact in Modesto, Turlock and Tracy.


The Central Valley is known for its agriculture and provides a lot of produce to much of California, as well as other states. This industry has been reliant on technology to grow and is now seeing the benefit of being early adopters of the best in agricultural tech. And just like consumer services, this has required businesses to hire more people to effectively manage the technology and accommodate growth.


The talent in the tech industry has to come from somewhere and educational resources in Modesto are on the rise for this exact reason. Training and educating both kids and adults to be prepared for taking on technological roles in various industries has been paramount to Modesto’s local economy. Schools like Bay Valley Tech are taking extra steps to ensure Modesto-based companies are well-equipped with talent. We’ll likely see additional schools and programs like this open to accommodate the technological growth.

Digital Marketing

It’s a well-documented fact that businesses need both technology and marketing to sustain growth. It’s one thing to adopt technology into an organization, but you also have to adopt marketing to successfully grow a business as well. For this reason, a few different Modesto SEO companies have recently seen their books of clients grow to accommodate businesses relying more and more on technology. From web design to managing complex marketing campaigns, these marketing firms are doing a great job of improving the Central Valley’s tech sector.

Additional Considerations

This improvement to the tech sector hasn’t only helped businesses in the area, but it’s helping the real estate economy as well. As Modesto becomes a new tech hub in California, we’ll likely see more migration from cities like Oakland, San Francisco and Sacramento. Real estate agents in Modesto are advised to see a boom over the next few years.

What was once known as the agricultural hub of California could become the new technological hub.

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