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It’s unavoidable. Every once in a while, you’ll have an issue with a phone that causes it to be unusable. From liquid damage to hairline cracks that eventually destroy the phone, it’s never good to be without your phone. However, instead of rushing out to buy a new phone, there are options to repair your phone in a proper manner that is also much more cost effective than buying a completely new device.

Wait It Out

Many of us get caught up in contracts with cell phone service carriers and can’t upgrade to a new phone. When your phone is broken and you’re stuck in a contract, you’re stuck in place with your technology. The best advice here is to transfer your information to a back up phone (borrowing one from a friend or family member, or using an old phone you still have). Otherwise, if you choose to not wait it out, you will pay a premium for a phone.

Replace the Screen

For phones that have been dropped and sustained damage to the screen, you’ll want to replace the screen sooner than later. A tiny crack can spread quickly and before you know it, you’ll be without a phone for good and be left sitting with a shattered screen. If you have experienced this or currently have a crack in your phone screen, take it to a tech repair company in the area and have the screen popped out. Since it’s just a small screen of glass and the repair person’s time, your worst case scenario is only ~$100. That’s much better than replacing the phone and paying a premium. With a new screen the phone will be restored to working condition and you’ll be set.

Don’t Let A Spill Ruin the Phone

Just like dropping a phone, we’ve all accidentally splashed our phones with some type of liquid. It could be water, something in the kitchen or some type of cleaning liquid. In any case, the liquid has the potential to seep into the phone and damage all of its tiny parts, rendering it virtually useless. If you have spilled any type of liquid on your phone and believe it has made its way under the casing, you need to call a tech repair business right away. Avoid at home remedies like soaking the phone in rice or (heaven forbid) putting the phone in the microwave in an attempt to dry it out. You’ll end up wasting time and your phone could get even more damaged.

Get a Case & Protection Plan

Knowing that anything could happen when your smartphone, why not protect it in the first place with a proper case? Most cases sold today are stylish and do a great job in keeping the phone protected from common accidents. And if you want to spend a little extra when you buy a phone, opt for a protection plan to keep the phone insured. Most mobile carriers and Apple stores will offer a coverage plan to quickly fix or replace your phone if you run into any issues. It can be quite expensive, but it will come in handy.

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