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In a bit of unfortunate news for lovers of Sacramento’s soccer team, Sac Republic, the lead investor who was planning to carry the group to the majors has reportedly backed out of the deal. As expected, the reason for the withdrawal is due to the pandemic and the inability to project revenues for professional sports.

According to a release from Sacramento mayor, Darrell Steinberg, “Sacramento’s rightful quest for Major League Soccer is far from done.” Sacramento natives are familiar with the situation and the letdown as the same occurred several years ago when the Kings were under pressure to be sold and moved. Sacramento fans know the outcome of that situation and we can only hope the same will ring true for a professional soccer team.

Who Is the Investor Who Backed Out of the Deal?

Ron Burkle is the gentleman who had been working with the City of Sacramento since October of 2019. Although he had positive intentions, the Sacramento mayor and his staff are effectively back at the drawing board.

Not Giving Up on the Majors

Sac Republic CEO Kevin Nagle said in a statement following Burkle backing out that he has “invested too much time, money and effort to give up on the expansion now.”

“When one door closes, another opens,” Nagle said. “With the help of Commissioner Garber, the Mayor, and the rest of our ownership group – we will continue on our quest.

“It hurts to hear that, but I know for sure someone else will come in,” Haltom said. “I absolutely know someone else will come in, just because of how much Sac is booming right now.”

While Sacramento won’t have a team in the majors anytime soon, it’s certain that all of those involved are not giving up on the plan. It may take more time, but rest assured that Sacramento will expand into the MLS and you’ll see Sac Republic playing against major league teams eventually.

What’s Next?

As the city and its officials bid adieu to Burkle, they will work with the MLS to find potential future investors. Like the situation with the Kings, the process will take time and may even be further delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Stay tuned and stay positive about getting a professional soccer team!

By Rick Morris

Rick Morris is the sports-related editor for 916 Journal, covering topics for the Sacramento Kings and Sac Republic.

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