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Technological advances in the last decade have driven a new, unprecedented job market like we have never seen before. The fields of tech and IT have grown from what we used to know as database managers, website managers and process analysts to roles that require a keen understanding of programming languages. Not only are job seekers expected to know how to code now, they are expected to be able to implement programs quickly and effectively.

So, how are job seekers learning the skills they need to succeed?

Why Traditional 4-Year Universities Are Not the Answer

In the past it was very common for a student to obtain a degree from a 4-year program at a university and then use that degree to earn a position with a company. While this may still be the case for certain industries, technology and IT evolve so quickly that a 4-year degree doesn’t do the industry justice. Job seekers need to know the latest technologies and skills to be successful.

Now, executives and recruiters look for applicants with recent real world experience so they know the person is well-informed with current coding and programming standards. And for this reason, the industry is seeing a shift in new job seekers who complete coding bootcamps or hackathons – quick training sessions that get to the point of what is necessary to know in coding and web development. With the advent of quick training through a coding school, recruiters rest easy knowing they are hiring students with the freshest skills.

The Rise of Online Coding Schools

Online Coding SchoolStudents who know they want to find a career in tech and IT now also know they can obtain the skills they need through online programs. Not only is an online program less expensive than a traditional university, it’s also much faster. On average, a student of a code academy will be able to obtain the knowledge and skills they need in 7 months or less. This allows the student to find employment with a company much, much faster.

Online coding schools and even some departments of popular universities have developed these bootcamp programs with one end goal in mind: get the student employed faster and benefit companies in need of tech-minded resources. As technology continues to develop, companies need the workforce with the right skills to meet the demand.

Starting with a Free Program

Several educational centers offer free code academy programs to give students a high level understanding of the world of programming. This is the best use of the student’s time and budget, as they can get a feel for whether or not they will like a career in a technological field. Not only will a free program expose the student to a variety of programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL, it will also show them a behind the scenes look of the companies seeking new applicants to fill coding-based roles. And in some cases, there may even be internship opportunities available.

Final Considerations

While coding may seem like a difficult skill to obtain, the barrier to entry is much smaller than it once used to be. Coding isn’t going away anytime soon and as we’ve seen in recent years, it’s becoming a skill that is simply a must-have on resumes. Students can now obtain critical skills in programming that give them the opportunity to land roles with tech giants like Google or Facebook.

By David Rodriguez

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