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As the world begins to return to a normal state and California gets back to normal, we’re starting to see schools reopen as well. And it’s a known fact that in the last year while everyone was home, it was a good chance for people to reassess their skill set and learn a few new things. This has led to the introduction of a few different vocational schools in Sacramento, Stockton and in Chico.

If you’ve been looking for new skills to pick up, check out these highly recommended vocational programs.

Culinary Institute of Sacramento

Who doesn’t love to cook a 5-star meal? Recognizing that many people were stuck at home and wanted to learn how to cook better and fresher meals, the Culinary Institute of Sacramento began offering online courses. The school, https://www.napoliculinaryacademy.com/, now offers courses to students interested in learning how to cook. This type of skill can be used for cooking at home or for expanding career options into becoming a chef at a restaurant. The courses are easy to get started with and you’re guaranteed to learn new cooking skills in no time.

Wood Working In Chico

From carpentry to flooring to building cool designs out of wood, having a crafty set of hands is a must for some people. But where do you learn these kind of skills? The city of Chico introduced a few new programs to help people interested in woodworking. Offered as an online course, Chico Woodworks helps people understand the tools and equipment they need to create wood designs. Whether this skill is used professionally or for your own projects at home, it’s a great skill to have. Classes from Chico Woodworks are currently only offered online through Facebook Live, but they will likely be opened up again to in-person classes soon.

Tech & Coding School In Stockton

As we recently covered in a blog post about learning how to code and why it’s such an important skill to have, the non-profit school Bay Valley Tech has also opened its courses in Stockton. Since most of the coursework can be completed online through the school’s code academy, students are welcome to take the courses from just about anywhere. Unlike most coding programs you would find at a local college, the instructors from Bay Valley Tech focus on the skills that help students land internships and jobs in companies now.

If you’re interested in this program and potential internship opportunities, be sure to check out https://www.bayvalleytech.com/stockton-code-academy/.

Welding In Folsom

Another valuable skill to have that is comparable to wood working is working with metal. The Folsom Cordova Adult Education School is now offering a certificate for adults who want to learn how to work with metal. Although it’s a bit difficult to learn from online education, it’s predictable that the courses will be offered in person soon. For now, sign up for online classes and begin learning the valuable skill of welding. Again, this type of skill can either lend itself to a personal goal / hobby or it can be used for a career change.

Although the pandemic presented a lot of strife for people, it also provided time to learn new skills and grow while being stuck at home. These are just a few of our favorite programs popping up in the Sacramento area. If you’ve recently tried a new skill or you’re in the process of learning something new, let us know in the comments.

By David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is a local real estate agent and contributor to 916 Journal. Look for David's posts about business topics.

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