CBD In Sacramento

It’s no secret that medical marijuana and CBD is a growing trend in Sacramento. We’ve seen new dispensaries open almost every other month even throughout the pandemic. It’s a great type of business to have in Sacramento and helps relieve a lot of ailments for its patients.

What Can CBD Help With?

It’s been well documented that CBD helps with a number of things including pain relief, stress, anxiety, headaches and more. As it is considered an alternative medicine, people are hesitant to use it. However, it’s been proven time and time again that CBD does not lead to any medical issues or health problems. It’s safe to use and has helped thousands of people in Sacramento alone.


What the general public doesn’t know is that CBD is vastly different from marijuana. Marijuana contains a chemical called THC which causes the “high” feeling people feel when they use it. Conversely, CBD is stripped of THC and only leaves people with the benefits of the marijuana plant, not the high feeling. The THC portion of the plant is what is federally regulated and still illegal in many states. Although we have seen states like California, Washington and Colorado legalize the product, it’s still advised against in most states in the country.

Sourcing CBD

For all of the dispensaries in Sacramento, they have to source their product from marijuana farms. Most dispensaries are simply a retailer of the product and don’t actually grow it themselves. For this reason, we see a lot of dispensaries working with wholesale CBD suppliers. The retailer (dispensary) purchases the plant in bulk and repurposes it for commercial sale to patients in the Sacramento area. It would be quite costly if a retailer was selling the product, packaging the product and growing it themselves, so it makes the most sense for them to partner with a marijuana farm.


A CBD retailer may purchase product from a wholesale supplier, but it’s up to them to package the product in a way they see fit. This could involve branding, finding certain containers for the CBD, wrapping for CBD edibles, etc. It’s important for retailers to try to package their products in a desirable way to help set them apart from other CBD products on the market.

Running a Storefront

Similar to packaging, it’s important for a retailer to have a great experience at their storefront. There is a strange stigma with dispensaries in Sacramento where dim lighting and quiet music has become the tone. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. People interested in starting a dispensary in Sacramento should consider bright lighting, a fun atmosphere and other ways to be inviting and approachable for customers. Once a product becomes a commodity (like CBD is becoming), the customer experience becomes the next biggest thing.

How to Find a CBD Partner

If you’re ready to source CBD for your dispensary startup, start your search online. You’ll find dozens of suppliers along the west coast who can help with getting you product right away and for a great price.

If you have recently started working with a new CBD supplier, we would love to hear how it’s going in the comments.

By Christina Rudd

Christina Rudd is an editor for 916 Journal. She has been writing for local publications for the last 7 years and is happy to cover all things Sacramento.

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