Contractor Insurance

For anyone who owns property and has it worked on, it’s important to work with businesses that are bonded and insured. Even if you choose to work with a local independent contractor, you need to be sure they are properly insured.

What Does It Mean for a Contractor to Be Insured?

Just like how you need to have an auto insurance policy to drive your car in Sacramento, a general contractor needs to have liability insurance. Not only does this insure the projects they are working on in your home, it also ensures your peace of mind. The last thing you’ll want to do is hire a contractor who is not qualified to complete the work. Having a well-qualified and talented contractor can make a huge difference in the output of the work. Whether it is for roofing, electrical work, flooring or anything, you’ll want to be sure your contractor is insured.

What About Being Bonded?

A professional contractor should also let you know that they are bonded. A surety bond is another way for a contractor to be held responsible for the work they produce. If they work on something and end up damaging part of your home, a surety bond will help pay for the damage. You’ll want a contract who is appropriately bonded for the work, especially if it is a large project.

For more information about surety bonds for contractors and consumers, be sure to check out

What Happens If Poor Work Is Returned

What do you as a consumer in Sacramento do if a contractor produces poor work? Or worse, what do you do if the contractor happens to damage your property?

Here is where you will need to ask for their insurance information. Just like being involved in a car accident and needing to request insurance from the other driver, you’ll need to ask for proof of insurance from your contractor. Depending on the depth of the damage done, you’ll likely need to reach out to their insurance carrier and arrange the next steps. Be sure to work with your homeowners insurance provider as well, so you are aware of what is covered and what is not.

What If They Are Not Insured?

It’s one of the worst things you can hear. A contractor damaged your home and they don’t carry any insurance. It leaves you with a terrible feeling and you may even feel helpless. You’ll first want to ask the contractor for a refund of the work they provided and estimate a cost for any damage they may have caused. You can also report the contractor to the business division of the County of Sacramento. They’ll help you file a complaint against the contractor so future customers can avoid issues. You may also wish to leave a negative review on the contractor’s Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google My Business or Facebook page(s).

The best thing you can do when you hire a contractor is to ask if they are insured and bonded. It should be a simple ‘yes’ for the contractor and if they fail to answer, you know to find someone else.

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