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With mask mandates going back into place for Nevada and California, many people are wondering:

Is California headed for another lockdown?

The Covid-19 Delta Variant has been spreading like wildfire lately in a handful of states in the US with California being one of the largest contributors. Due to lack of vaccination from certain parties, the Delta Variant has had the ability to spread faster and has been cited as a much more aggressive virus.

What Can You Do?

While it’s one thing to prefer that everyone in Sacramento is vaccinated, it’s more important to be sure you’re being safe for yourself and your loved ones. This safety protocol begins with wearing a mask indoors in places where transmission is high. This could include grocery stores, movie theaters and restaurants that do not offer outdoor seating.

If you feel it is too dangerous to go out and risk it, why not consider staying home? After all, if you were able to make it through a year-long adjustment, a little bit longer won’t be too long.

How Is the Delta Variant So Strong?

Modern chemistry tells us that viruses are able to mutate and adapt to new conditions. Because of this, the coronavirus we all became used to in the last year was able to change. This has been the case not only in Sacramento and the United States, but also all over the world. While it’s easy to assume why third world countries have been witness to high transmission rates, the United States should take strides to keep things in better control.

What About Rent and Unemployment Assistance in Sacramento?

As most people are likely aware, the federal government’s assistance to help people who lost their jobs during the pandemic and helped waive rent has ended. This seemed to be a shock to government officials who worked tireless hours to find a solution, however, they were unable to extend the assistance. If you find yourself in this situation in Sacramento, be sure to talk with your landlord and explain your situation. If you are renting from an independent landlord rather than a property management company or large business, there is a chance they will be able to work with you and provide assistance.

Likewise, the California employment division might be able to help with unemployment assistance.

How Can Businesses Prepare?

The last thing any business owner in Sacramento wants to go through is another lockdown. This is why it’s very important for businesses to ask customers to be safe, as well as asking their own staff to be safe. Encourage employees to get vaccinated and if you feel it’s necessary, impose a mask policy for your business.

If you operate a business that can offer delivery services (i.e., food delivery), start researching what you need to do to be properly set up on services like DoorDash or GrubHub.

Most importantly, be safe and do your part to stop the spread of the variant!

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