Sacramento’s e-commerce and retail sector has experienced a lot of changes in the last year due to Covid-19. Many of these changes have caused businesses to close their doors, especially those unprepared for online traffic. As more people turned to the internet to shop for products and goods, brands had to make the transition for an online experience and unfortunately, many brands were unable to do so. But one company in El Dorado Hills is thriving during the pandemic and has created a great product to help its success.

Meet Solgesic, Inc.

Solgesic, Inc. is the manufacturing company of an all-natural, organic and vegan skincare product that is made from 100% plants. Unlike traditional face lotions, creams and oils, Solgesic’s flagship product BEOGENĀ® is made with the science of skin in mind. While many beauty brands develop products to suit the outward appearance of individuals, Solgesic’s products are not just skin deep.


BEOGEN is the product line Solgesic introduced to the online world in 2020. Contained in 1 fluid ounce pump bottles, this all-natural skin oil works differently than other skin creams and solutions because it is not watered down and it’s free of chemicals.

How Did the Brand Enter the Market?

The skincare industry is a $9 billion dollar industry with many barriers to entry. If you search “skin oil” in Google, you’ll see it’s a very crowded market with several products and brands. Because of this, the owners of Solgesic had to get creative.

Eye-Catching Packaging

Any traditional marketer will tell you that packaging is one of the 4 Ps of marketing (price, promotion, product, packaging). Without an eye-catching package (or bottle in this case), a product doesn’t have a chance to reach new people. For this reason, Solgesic created a very approachable design that is appealing and makes people want to learn more about the product.

A Custom Website

Anyone can create a website through Wix, Squarespace or GoDaddy. To really stand out, Solgesic knew they had to create a completely customized experience. They hired a local design agency who built a website to offer their products. Unlike other beauty brands who sell their products through other websites, Solgesic’s products are available for direct purchase any time.

Letting Science Tell the Story

Most skincare brands and their products are filled with harsh chemicals that can cause long-term issues. To avoid this, Solgesic developed its products to be 100% plant-based and based on real science. The founder of the company is also a scientist and researcher in the oil industry, who knows a lot about chemical compounds. From his scientific background, he was able to develop a product purely based on plants and with the intention of restoring skin to what it’s like for a newborn. Allowing science to sell the product has worked wonders in a space that is heavily crowded.

How Can You Try BEOGEN?

Due to the pandemic, the product hasn’t been distributed through beauty stores and salons in Sacramento just yet. The company is planning to expand its distribution as soon as Sacramento gets back to normal. For now, interested customers are able to buy a bottle for just $19.95 through the company’s e-commerce website or directly through Google.

By Christina Rudd

Christina Rudd is an editor for 916 Journal. She has been writing for local publications for the last 7 years and is happy to cover all things Sacramento.

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